Gaza govt offices to reopen on Sunday


Government offices in the Gaza Strip will reopen on Sunday following the end of the 11-day bloodshed between Israel and militant groups in the Hamas-controlled besieged enclave, an official said.

Head of the Hams-run government press office, Salama Ma’rouf confirmed the development during a news conference here, Xinhua news agency.

“After the ceasefire came into effect, all governmental institutions began to work on plans to record the damage and they will start fixing the damaged infrastructure and other basic services in the Gaza Strip,” he said.

Ma’rouf added that the government’s offices will work on cleaning and opening the streets and roads, and provide relief to those were affected by the tit-for-tat aerial attacks that were halted following the Egypt-brokered ceasefire on May 2q.

He said that during the Israeli airstrikes, 248 Palestinians were killed, including 66 children, 39 women, 17 elderly and five handicapped.

On the Israeli side, there were 12 fatalities.

He added that “303 buildings, including high-rises were completely destroyed by the Israeli bombs”, and “some agricultural, commercial, governmental and industrial buildings were completely destroyed”.

The fighting between Israel and the Hamas-led militant groups began on May 10, after the Gaza militants fired barrages of rockets at Israel in protest to the Israeli measures in East Jerusalem.

A tit-for-tat trade of fire broke out, where Israeli fighter jets carried out hundreds of airstrikes on the Gaza Strip.

Israel said that it targeted the infrastructure of Hamas and other militant groups in the enclave.