Geetika Vidya Ohlyan and Jagjeet Sandhi co-star in ‘Escaype Live’

Actress Geetika Vidya Ohlyan, who shot to fame with her title role in the cop drama “Soni”, co-stars with Jagjeet Sandhu, who made waves as Chaku in “Paatal Lok”, in the tech-thriller series “Escaype Live”. The film is directed by Siddharth Kumar Tewary.

“Collaborating with Siddharth (Kumar Tewary) is a newfound thrill. His compassion towards the local people, the characters in these stories, and above all, his unwavering focus on nuances of every character’s journey, invokes respect and love at the same time. His passion towards the aesthetic excellence of Escaype Live is infectious. I am loving this abundance of opportunities to experience, learn and create,” Geetika tells IANS.

“Escaype Live” follows the lives of five regular Indians desperately trying to make something of their mundane lives. The online platform of social media seems to be the route to “escaping” the mediocrity.

“When I read the character brief, it sounded interesting, and I wanted to make sure I got the part. I sent in my audition and things just fell into place. Once I was on board the project, I was told that someone else was cast for the role but when Siddharth Sir saw my audition, he felt like I made the perfect Nandu. This for me, was a huge compliment. I’m working with Siddharth Sir for the first time and it’s been a great experience. He allows an actor to find their own expression and is very supportive of the artistic process that goes into breathing life into a character,” adds Jagjeet.

The show follows different stories that take place across all different towns and cities.

“Our show pans various story tracks set in different parts of the country. For this very reason, we wanted to keep every story, it’s cast and it’s setting to be completely authentic and culturally relevant. After our first schedule which is very urban and edgy, we are amidst a month-long schedule in Jaisalmer with a completely different vibe. Actors are crucial to that vibe as they create characters and bring what you’ve written to life. So it’s great to work with such diverse, talented and passionate people like Geetika and Jagjeet,” says Siddharth.

The first showing schedule has been wrapped up in Umargam, and the unit is currently shooting in Jaisalmer, after which the show will be shot extensively across Delhi, Varanasi, Bangalore and Mumbai.