Gehlot pulls up officers over potholed roads in Jodhpur

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has publicly reprimanded the officers concerned for the poor conditions of roads in Jodhpur.

Gehlot said: “The roads of Jodhpur are very bad. Officers who do not wish to be transferred out of the district will have to fix the roads.”

“I have asked Minister Subhash Garg to take up the matter. You should be careful about the condition of roads in at least the Chief Minister’s district as potholes even in Jodhpur will give out the wrong message.” Gehlot was speaking at the foundation-laying-inauguration ceremony of development works in Jodhpur on Tuesday.

“Many people working in the Municipal Corporation, JDA, are locals. They should feel for the place more as it is where they belong to. Since they are getting to work in their district shouldn’t they also work towards the poor getting their rights? he asked.

Notably, most of the roads in the city are riddled with potholes after the rains. Even though the rains have stopped, the roads are lying damaged with no officials bothering to fix them.

On the chief minister’s visit, he was ferried on a helicopter to inaugurate the Rural Olympic Games on Monday.

However, on Tuesday, Gehlot finally took stock of the condition of the roads on his way to Van Mahotsav.

Meanwhile, chief minister Gehlot was questioned when he was going to Delhi as the National President of Congress. The Rajasthan CM smiled and moved on without answering.




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