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General observations about the 2019 federal elections


So the vicious and at times entertaining federal election campaign 2019 came to an end Monday night and Canadians re-elected PM Justin Trudeau with a minority in parliament. For now this will undoubtedly be welcome news to the PM and his team, but that elation may be short-lived as the price he will pay to be PM becomes apparent. Going forward we will see a PM that has been compromised by multiple scandals and the need to make deals and bargain like a bazaar merchant. Despite all the scandals swirling around PM Trudeau over the course of this campaign, what’s extraordinary is that nothing really stuck. He did lose support in all parts of the country except for immigrant-rich Ontario and the GTA is proven to be a reliable stomping ground for Liberals.
This must be the first Canadian federal election where the PM went after a PC Ontario premier more often than his real competitor Conservative party leader Andrew Scheer. Making this federal election about Premier Doug Ford’s cuts to public services ultimately paid off.
Going forward, many federal politicians will blame Ontario’s premier for being the reason the Conservatives did so poorly in the province which ultimately cost them the election.
It is quite likely Premier Doug Ford will come under intense pressure from his own caucus to reverse and go easy on cuts that threaten to obliterate the PC Conservatives in the next provincial election. Unions everywhere see an opening and will be quick to exploit a weakened and pliable Liberal government that made the elections about being the opposite of the Conservatives especially when it came to funding. The Liberals, now dependent on the spendthrift NDPs will be forced to spend limitless amounts on everything from immigrants, refugees, Indigenous compensation and more perks for unions everywhere.
It is a safe bet to say that if Conservative leader Andrew Scheer had to offer more freebies to Canadians and promised to expand funding on all fronts like his competitors, he’d be PM today.
This federal election was all about giving freebies to taxpayers using their own money.
It is clear that young college students voting for the first time had student debt and climate change on their minds in that order. I met college students who voted NDP or Liberals because they saw the prospect of their student debt disappearing in the years to come.
Responsible teachers and government employees fearing a double whammy if Ontario Premier Doug Ford had a carbon copy of himself in Ottawa steered clear of the Conservatives. Unions flexed their muscles and showed just how powerful they are and the damage they can wreak to political parties that refuse to play along and give in to their demands. We had a mainstream media that more or less went along with left-leaning promises and big spending plans without really examining the implications. The Conservatives plan to balance the budget received a short shrift from the media and was somehow treated as a bad or inconsequential thing. Modest and responsible spending plans were painted as a terrible thing for Canadians. In short, Canadians got just what they deserved, a minority government that will try to please everyone by giving them what they demand. This approach is almost like a parent giving in to a child throwing tantrums. The end result will be a section of Canadians who feel entitled to getting everything for free. Nothing will ever be enough or good enough even after they get everything they desire. It will be like the case of lottery winners who end up badly despite having it all.


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