‘Genius Inside’ launches platform to decode lives of over-achievers

In order to inspire youth to achieve excellence in various professional fields, ‘Genius Inside’, an AI-powered platform has launched a series that decodes the lives of over-achievers.

Spearheaded by Genius Inside’s chief of content and founder, Priya Kumar, the series creates a goal directed narrative backed by real life experiences.

The first episode of the ‘Genius Code’ featured Ayushmann Khurrana, an actor, host and ARJ.

The Genius monthly series would dive into the success series of Sonu Nigam, Pullela Gopichand, Ramesh Dua, Amish Triparthi, Sunil Grover and many more who transformed a life of mediocrity into abundance.

“The series aims to transform different lives by breaking down the success journey of dedicated and hardworking individuals to inspire long lasting transformation and self exploration”, Priya Kumar told IANS.

She said with a vision to inspire people, inculcate confidence and bring out the ‘genius’ within, Genius Inside cuts through the noise and distractions to give people the direction they need to help discover their purpose.

“The journey of studying, decoding and applying success is embarked upon through the Genius Code”, Priya added.