George Clooney ‘defected’ in kitty litter box as a joke, reveals Matt Damon

Hollywood star Matt Damon called out friend and star George Clooney for his behaviour. In a sneak peek at the 45th Annual Kennedy Center Honours, ‘The Martian’ actor hilariously recalled a horrifying prank-gone-wrong story.

“It has been said that my friend George Clooney is the last of the true movie stars,” Damon said in a clip, obtained by E! News, from the event which is set to air on December 28 on CBS, reports

“So I got to thinking about exactly what that meant.”

He continued: “Of course, a number of past Kennedy Center honorees have certainly been movie stars in that classic sense. Actors with class and sophistication-Cary Grant, Henry Fonda, Paul Newman, Gregory Peck.”

He added: “And then I think of George, a man who defected in Richard Kind’s kitty litter box as a joke.”

Not stopping there, Damon went on sharing how far the 61-year-old would go to prank people.

Of the ‘Ticket to Paradise’ actor, Damon added: “A man who once stole Bill Clinton’s stationary and wrote fake notes to actors, saying how much the President loved their movies.”

Clooney previously explained why he pooped in Richard’s cat’s litter box during his appearance on “Smartless” podcast.

“My little kitty. He hasn’t taken a s**t in, I think, three days,” Clooney recalled last year what Richard said to him.

“And then he takes the cat to the vet, and they give him this kitty Metamucil. And so now this little kitty is s**tting 15 times a day, and I am scooping it all up, because I have nothing else to do,” the “Ocean’s Eleven” actor told the “Smartless” co-hosts Sean Hayes, Jason Bateman and Will Arnett. “I have no idea why. It’s just funny.”

He continued: “And then after a couple of weeks, the light bulb goes off, and I realize what I must do. I must take a s**t in the cat box. Now there is this moment.”

George continued while laughing: “When I’m squatted down over a cat box where I’m going, ‘Really? I mean, it’s funny. It’s good. But I’m not sure it’s how I want to be remembered…’ The cat is like six-inches long. It’s a tiny cat.”

Richard, however, wasn’t thrilled as “he gets madder and madder and madder.”

The ‘Up in the Air’ actor added: “And then finally he says, ‘I understand humour! Defecation doesn’t make me laugh!'”.




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