GERB-UDF coalition leads Bulgaria’s parliamentary polls

A coalition between Bulgaria’s centre-right GERB party and the right-wing Union of Democratic Forces (UDF) is leading in the country’s parliamentary elections, according to exit polls.

According to Alpha Research Agency’s exit poll, GERB-UDF is expected to have 25.7 per cent of the votes, against 17.6 per cent for a five-party coalition led by the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), reports Xinhua news agency.

Similarly, an exit poll by Gallup said that GERB-UDF is leading the elections with 25.0 per cent.

However, according to Gallup, “There Is Such A People” party comes second with 17.1 per cent, followed by BSP with 16.7 per cent.

A total of 6,986 candidates from 22 political parties and eight coalitions are vying for the 240 seats in the National Assembly, the country’s parliament.

According to the country’s legislation, parties and coalitions need to gain at least 4 per cent of the votes to enter the parliament.

The National Assembly is elected for a term of four years.

The official results are expected on Thursday.

A total of 6.7 million voters were eligible to elect 240 MPs for the National Assembly.