German Parliament approves delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine

The German Bundestag, or lower house of Parliament, has voted to provide “comprehensive support for Ukraine”, allowing the delivery of heavy weapons to the war-torn nation.

A corresponding proposal, which was passed on Thursday by a vote of 586 to 100, allows the “supply of effective, including heavy, weapons and complex systems” to Ukraine, reports Xinhua news agency.

Deliveries were also to be accelerated.

However, Germany was also urged to “support all efforts by the Ukrainian government to reach a cease-fire in direct negotiations with the Russian leadership”, according to a Bundestag statement.

Parliamentary groups of the governing parties Social Democratic Party, the Green Party, and Free Democratic Party as well as the opposition CDU/CSU union submitted the proposal after resolving initial disagreements.

Ahead of the vote, the right-wing Alternative for Germany and the Left Party declared to vote against the proposal due to concerns about a possible escalation of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

On Tuesday, Minister of Defence Christine Lambrecht confirmed that Germany would supply Gepard anti-aircraft tanks to Ukraine and provide training for the country’s soldiers.




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