Smartphone producers, including Apple, should be required to provide security patches and spare parts for iPhones and other devices for seven years, according to a proposal from the German government to the European Union (EU).

According to AppleInsider, the German federal government has entered negotiations with the European Commission to alter proposals affecting smartphone and tablet repairs and servicing.

While the European Commission is working to push device vendors into offering parts and support for five years, Germany wants more to be done.

The EU intends for the five years of updates to apply to smartphones and tablets, but while parts for smartphones could be offered for five years, tablets could have parts available from manufacturers for six. reports the Federal Ministry of Economics wants the periods to stretch to seven years.

On top of the extra lifespan, Germany wants spare parts to be offered at “a reasonable price” by manufacturers. This includes requiring vendors to publish the prices of spare parts, and not to increase the cost over time.

In terms of how long it should take for those parts to arrive at their destination, the Commission plans a maximum limit of 5 working days, though again Germany wants faster deliveries, the report said.

Germany also supports plans by the Commission to introduce an energy label and repairability index, to show how easily repaired devices can be to consumers, it added.



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