‘Hai Taubba 3’ actor Vikrant Koul reveals how he was earlier supposed to be part of Season 2 of the same web series however things couldn’t work out.

Vikrant shared: “The director of the show and I were supposed to work on one of the stories in ‘Hai Taubba 2’. However, that didn’t work out. So, when Sachin approached me again for the show, I had to say ‘yes’.”

He revealed how having a weak social media presence can cost you a project on the conversation about losing projects. “I know it happens because I do have a lot of friends who are into casting and are producers. So yeah, it happens. I don’t know the reasons for the same but I am glad to say that I haven’t lost on any project due to my social media following, or maybe I have and no one has told me on my face yet,” added the actor known for ‘Hello Mini’, ‘Fan’ and ‘Darbar’.

He continued: “I have been replaced in Vivek Agnihotri’s directorial ‘Kashmir Files’. I auditioned for it and I was selected to play the main antagonist. We were supposed to go on floors in March 2020, in Kashmir; but then the pandemic happened and of course, things stalled. A lot changed and just a week before they went on floors in December 2020, they told me that they are going with another actor. But that happened because they reworked the story. I have been replaced but I think this happens all the time. Getting replaced is part and parcel of being an actor. I am not the first person or the last person to get replaced from any movie.”

Vikrant shares screen space with Rutpanna Aishwarya and Amika Shail in a segment called ‘Happiness is me’ in ‘Hai Taubba 3’.

‘Hai Taubba 3’ is currently streaming on ALTBalaji.



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