G’gram collects Rs 10.43Cr for 2020 traffic violations

Despite a long period of lockdown due to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Gurugram Traffic Police have managed to collect Rs 10.43 crore as fine by prosecuting traffic violators in 2020 for various offences.

These offences include wrong side driving, helmet-less riding, wrong parking, jumping traffic signals, over speeding, taking wrong turns, honking, smoking while driving, driving without licence, overloading and driving without seat belts.

The data of the traffic police reveals that 2,21,084 challans were issued in the city for various offences. The challans resulted in a revenue generation of Rs 10,43,18,700 the traffic officials said.

Apart from this, till January 2021 the traffic police have issued 18,140 traffic challans and with these fines they have recovered a sum of Rs 78,76,300 as penalty from the violators.

The data further pointed out that around 39,765 challans were issued for wrong side driving and 37,906 challans of wrong side parking.

Traffic police officials expressed concern as openly flouting of traffic norms is a risk to life.

According to police records, a total of 194 road accidents had taken place on the Delhi-Jaipur expressway in 2020. Of which 116 people have died. While 105 people were seriously injured.

Most of the accidents took place due to rash driving, over speeding and while jaywalking. The data also reveals that two-wheeler drivers were responsible for most of the traffic violations, be it rash driving, jumping traffic signals or riding sans helmet. Most of the victims were also the two-wheeler users.

“To curb traffic violations across Gurugram we have organised special drives from time to time. We have put several checkpoints to catch traffic violators. We have issued a clear direction to the traffic personnel to be present on the road and penalise the violators,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) traffic,” D.K. Bhardwaj, said.

In the past few months, city traffic police have been focusing particularly on offences that cause fatal accidents.

“Our traffic cops are deployed to catch violators who break rules on the Delhi-Gurugram Expressway, as maximum accidents take place there. Our main goal is to reduce fatalities on the road and ensure adherance to traffic rules,” the DCP added.