Supermodel Gigi Hadid says she is obsessed with her daughter, Khai. Gigi, who is dating singer Zayn Malik, recently shared a string of pictures on Instagram Story to mark four months since she gave birth.

In one picture, she shared a text message she had sent to Malik, which read: “Hey. I’m obsessed w our kid.”

In the second image, she is seen holding her daughter, though the baby was almost completely cropped out to protect her privacy.

“My girl. 4 months & THE BEST KID,” wrote Gigi.

The supermodel also wrote some words of encouragement for other new mothers.

“To new moms: if u washed your face today, i’m proud of you. it’s fine, i’m fine. We were cleansed and blessed by @amandascgorman today,” she wrote.

Gigi recently had revealed the name of her daughter in a subtle way. She shared the name by updating her Instagram bio to say ‘Khai’s mom’. This is the first time Hadid publicly announced her baby girl’s name.