Gillian Anderson bans her kids from watching her series ‘Sex Education’

Actress Gillian Anderson, who stars as Dr Jean Milburn in the Netflix series ‘Sex Education’, has banned her children from watching the show.

Anderson, who has Piper, 26, with Clyde Klotz, as well as Felix, 12, and Oscar, 14, with Mark Griffiths, said: “I am living happily in the denial that my children do not watch the show — I hope they haven’t. When it first came out, I told them they weren’t allowed to.

“But I have no control over what they do at their friends’ houses. I have no control over what their friends show them.”

The new series of ‘Sex Education’ features 20 intimate scenes in the first two minutes, reports

Anderson said that she’s already had some candid conversations with her children about the issues explored on the show.

She told ‘The Radio Times Podcast’: “I have had the conversations with them about certain aspects of the show, and also the importance of certain aspects of the show.

“They’re conversations that aren’t usually had on television that are very important, if not vital, for young people to hear.”

Last year, Gillian expressed fears that she’ll one day regret working so hard. She talked about having mixed feelings about her busy schedule and how it influences her family life.