Girl group XG hint at new music release while announcing first season’s greetings gift package

High-powered girl group XG hinted at a New Year comeback single, also announced the release of their first season’s greetings gift package.

XG announced that they will launch their first season’s greetings merchandise on January 16, 2023.

The exclusive package will consist of items themed around ‘The Outdoors’ and ‘House Party’ and will include a 2023 wall calendar, a photobook, photo cards, message cards, posters and a box containing highly collectible XG stickers.

A teaser for this package has also been released on YouTube.

Additionally, an image hinting at the release of a new track was uploaded to XG’s social networks. The text, which appears on a clothing tag, suggests that the long-awaited third single is expected to drop early in the new year.

The dance, vocal and rap performance videos released after ‘Mascara’, ranking number one on the iTunes charts in 17 territories as well as the Spotify Viral 50 in 21 territories.

The rap content by XG’s four rappers — Cocona, Maya, Harvey and Jurin — released in November surpassed seven million views on YouTube and more than 11 million views on TikTok, despite the song not having an official release.

Rappers, producers, influencers and even professional athletes reacted to the track, and the numbers are still growing.




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