Global PC shipments fell 28% in Q4 of 2022: Report

The global PC shipments declined by a record 27.8 per cent (year-on-year) in Q4 2022, reaching 65.2 million units, with entire 2022 shipments declining by 15 per cent (year on year), a new report has shown.

According to Counterpoint Research, the macroeconomic headwinds, increasing inflation pressure, and frozen PC demand affected the global PC market in 2022.

Lenovo continued to lead the market in Q4 2022 but with a flattish 23.7 per cent share. Its shipments declined 17 per cent (year on year) in 2022 to take a 23.7 per cent market share.

HP secured its second place in Q4 2022 with a 20.3 per cent share. Its shipments declined 29 per cent (year on year) during the quarter, but it was the only major PC OEM to report positive sequential shipment growth in Q4, according to the report.

Moreover, Dell’s 16.7 per cent market share was the lowest in the past seven quarters largely due to an enterprise demand slowdown.

The report said that Dell’s share and shipment performance may see pressure in 2023.

Apple saw a tiny 3 per cent (year on year) shipment decline in Q4 2022, which helped the company close the book with a flattish shipment volume performance for 2022.

Furthermore, the report mentioned that consumer demand will likely see a gradual rebound in H2 2023, followed by a slower warm-up in enterprise procurement.

Eying Apple’s M-series success, Qualcomm’s Arm-based Oryon CPU will likely enter the market and heat up Windows-on-Arm momentum in 2023, said the report.




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