As you return to the office, Metrolinx has been working to making your return to GO trains and buses a little more fun. Keep your Wi-Fi on, and your journey to work or school is instantly transformed to a journey into a world of entertainment.

Introducing GO Wi-Fi Plus. First, let’s explore the name: Yes! This means free Wi-Fi. But it is so much more than just free data. It is a content portal that provides free, unlimited access to TV shows, music, audiobooks, e-books, courses and podcasts. Some key content partners include: CTV, CuriosityStream, Coursera, Kobo, Stingray, Wattpad, TLN, and Global.
So, Sci-Fi, romance period dramas, reality shows, whatever genre your mood demands, GO Wi-Fi Plus is ready to transport you. What’s more, you can use the Wi-Fi to connect with family, friends and even people from back home, using the free onboard Wi-Fi.

“With hundreds of entertainment options to choose from in addition to Wi-Fi, we are making the onboard experience even more convenient and enjoyable for customers,” said Metrolinx President and CEO Phil Verster.

The portal also comes with some cool features. For example, in case you need some help deciding, there’s a handy trip timer feature that suggests content that matches the length of a trip. Nifty, isn’t it? Free data also opens up plenty of options outside of the portal to stay connected during a journey. With Wi-Fi, there are many possibilities: email, trip planning and loading your PRESTO card.

All riders will get up to 10 MB of data per trip, while registered My PRESTO Account users will receive 50MB of data per trip. But what’s music to the ears is that you can enjoy unlimited entertainment on the portal, as it doesn’t count towards your data limit.

Metrolinx has entrusted the task of promoting and popularizing GO Wi-Fi Plus to its beloved and lovable mascot, GO Bear, in a multimedia campaign.

GO Bear has been a fixture at GO stations, stops, concerts, sporting and special events since 1993.
But as exciting as the last 25 years have been for GO Bear, he’s pumped for what the future holds with GO Wi-Fi Plus.

It’s here to transform your commute. It’s here to help you find your ‘GO Time’.
GO Wi-Fi Plus has arrived.



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