Goa CM’s friend duped of Rs 35 lakh through cyber fraud

Stating that his friend became a victim of cyber fraud as he was duped of Rs 35 lakh, Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said that lack of awareness among people results in falling prey to such frauds.

Sawant was speaking after inaugurating ‘Cyber Wellness Centre’ in Panaji. “This centre has a tie-up with the Cyber branch, which will help to detect crimes,” he said.

“Some cases (of cybercrime) are not reported most of the times due to lack of awareness among the people. Many people have lost their money as directly they (fraudsters) are asking to transfer the money. One of my friends transferred Rs 35 lakh directly,” Sawant said.

He further said that smartphones have become the need of the hour, and during the Covid pandemic, students from 1st standard onwards started using the mobile phone.

“We have started education from mobile. Automatically they have shifted from education to other side effects. That has already started. That is one thing. Now there is cybercrime among the students, youths, adults and senior citizens. We are receiving so many cyber complaints in our cyber cell,” Sawant said.

Sawant urged the people to be vigil about the cyber frauds taking place and not to lose their money by falling prey to the tactics of the fraudsters.




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