Goa Governor should stop ‘twiddling thumbs’, ensure govt: Congress


The Congress on Friday alleged a constitutional impasse in Goa, and urging Governor P.S. Sreedharan Pillai to stop “twiddling thumbs” and step in to ensure that the state gets a fully functional government in place in the coastal states.

Addressing a joint press conference of newly-elected Congress MLAs, former Chief Minister Digambar Kamat also alleged confusion in the ranks of the BJP, which is the single largest party with just one short of majority, over government formation.

“The Congress party with utmost humility accepted the verdict of the people of Goa who elected our 11 MLAs. We expected the BJP to move ahead and establish the government in the state of Goa. It is most unfortunate that the BJP till date has not taken any step to move ahead and for the government for the state of Goa,” he said.

“It is loud and clear that ‘all is not well’ in BJP, and hence the people of Goa are deprived of a government to govern the State. We condemn the dilly-dally tactics of the BJP which is depriving the people of Goa from having a full-fledged Government in place. The act of the BJP government is a gross injustice on the people of Goa, who came out in large numbers to exercise their democratic right in expectation of a government,” he added.

After the counting of votes on March 10, the BJP emerged as the single largest party in the state assembly winning 20 out of the 40 seats just one short of a simple majority, even as the party claims to have received letters of support from five MLAs, which include three independents and two from the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party.

The BJP has, however, formally not staked claim to form government in Goa for more than a week now, with the party even failing to finalise its chief minister.

Congress MLA and former Advocate General Carlos Ferreira has claimed that the state was facing a Constitutional impasse, and urged the Governor to step in.

“If the BJP had an absolute majority, there is no proof of majority (required) on the floor of the House but when it is running short it has to. How are you (Governor) allowing this kind of a situation. It is a constitutional impasse, we do not have a government of the day in the chair. How is the administration working?” Ferreira said.

“That is why I charge the Governor to perform his duties. He cannot abdicate his duties, his constitutional mandate. He should call upon them or he should take action in terms of the Constitution. If need be, he can call upon the opposition for their views or he can invoke necessary powers under Article 356 of the Constitution if need be, but then he cannot remain like this twiddling his thumbs,” he added.



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