Goa: Miscreants throw boiled water on cattle; CM orders inquiry


Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Tuesday ordered an inquiry into incidents of throwing boiled water on stray cattle squatting on roads.

Vasco MLA Krishna Salkar had raised the issue in the ongoing assembly session stating the incidents of cruelty to stray cattle have been reported.

“Cattle who squat on roads met with this cruelty as some unknown person throw hot water on them, so that they don’t occupy the space on the road. I felt very bad to see the photos of these injured cattle. This should not happen,” BJP MLA Salkar said.

According to Salkar, at least 15 such incidents were reported that were later attended by ‘People for Animal’ for medication.

“Such incidents should not happen. It is cruelty to animals done by some unknown persons. Police should take action and find out who throws water on them and also should find out the reason,” Salkar further said.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant later said that he will instruct police to conduct an inquiry.

“Police will conduct an inquiry into this matter,” Sawant said.



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