Goa mulling to tune sports with tourism

Goa Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte on Tuesday said that his department is considering to tune sports with tourism by fostering beach volleyball, beach cricket in the coastal state to give a big push to both areas.

“Sports tourism, we are contemplating in terms of beach volleyball, beach cricket, we would love to do it in different formats. I have been in touch with the sports minister, I am trying to talk to the central government to see how we can do it and tune with tourism,” Khaunte speaking to reporters said.

He said that new thoughts need to come in both sports and tourism. “Beach volleyball internationally, beach cricket internationally played will be on different platform so international players, who may have retired or still playing and having a format and how to do it, we are working on. If this happens then new programmes will add on,” Khaunte said.

Even biking could be tuned in with tourism and for that both the departments need to discuss.

“We need to sit together and venture out to see how things help,” Khaunte said.

He had earlier announced co-working space concept to be implemented on beaches to attract the professionals by catering their needs, which could help professionals visiting Goa to enjoy ‘Sun-Sand-Sea’ along with using their work tool ‘Software’.




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