Goa Police crackdown on drunken driving, Tourism Minister hails decision

Stating that crackdown on drunken driving was a good step for tourism, state Minister Rohan Khaunte on Wednesday said that everyone should drive responsibly.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had directed the police officials last week to crackdown against drunken driving following some fatal accidents that took place in the state.

“Laws are to protect people. For safe driving it is a welcome step to ensure that we are heading in the right direction. We are speaking about aggregator to come and play (a role), I think everyone has somewhere a role to play. We have taxis, People who want to enjoy the evening and don’t drive, they can use the service we are looking at,” he said.

Tourism minister Khaunte said, “The decision (to fine drunk and driving) will definitely support tourism. As we welcome, we don’t say to get intoxicated and drive and then don’t reach home. Drive carefully ‘someone at home’ is waiting for you. It is the responsibility of everyone to drive responsibly. The government decision is good which will discourage drunk driving,” said.




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