Goa police introduce Whatsapp group to curb drug menace

Goa police has asked pub and restaurant owners from Anjuna in North Goa to inform them about the drug consumption and related activities and has introduced a Whatsapp group to receive information promptly.

Deputy Superintendent of Police of Jivba Dalvi on Wednesday addressed a press conference and informed that a meeting of pub and restaurant owners was convened in this regard.

“We have asked them to inform us if any of their customers enters after consuming drugs. Their security guards will check them. No sooner we get information of such incidents, will conduct blood tests of persons involved and book them for consumption of drugs,” Dalvi told reporters.

“We have given them a display poster (Say No To Drugs). We are undertaking all the measures to eradicate drug menace,” he said.

“Anjuna police are very serious about eradicating drugs. Restaurant and pub owners will be the eyes and ears of police. They will inform us about any such activities,” Dalvi said.

“We have opened a Whatsapp group of restaurant owners so the immediate information is shared with us. Even policemen in plain clothes are deployed in the beach areas. Results are coming,” he said.

Anjuna, coastal area of Goa, is notoriously known as a drug destination.

Goa police started a crackdown on drug paddlers after to the death of TikTok star and BJP leader Sonali Phogat in Anjuna.

Police had said that methamphetamine drugs were allegedly given to Phogat while she was partying in Curlies restaurant in Anjuna on August 22. She had felt uneasy that night and the next morning, she was taken to the St. Anthony hospital in Anjuna where she was declared brought dead.

Drug suppliers involved in this case were arrested by police.




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