Goa poll drubbing: ‘Cong failed to convince people of its narrative’

The Congress in Goa was unable to convince people about how the party would positively impact their lives in the campaign leading to drubbing in the 2022 state assembly polls, state party president Amit Patkar said on Friday.

“The results showed that 67 per cent of the people were against the government and BJP. We, as the Congress failed to convince the common man how we as a party would help change their lives for better, in terms of unemployment, in terms of healthcare, in terms of social schemes and basic necessities,” Patkar said.

“We could not convince Goans about this narrative, as a result of which our vote share was shaken,” he added.

The Congress fielded candidates in 37 assembly seats out of which it won a mere 11, while the BJP won 20 seats, just one short of a majority in the February 14 polls. The BJP eventually formed the government in Goa in March with the help of five non-BJP MLAs.

Following the poll drubbing, state Congress president Girish Chodankar resigned from the top post and was succeeded by Amit Patkar.

Patkar said that the new Congress in the state would be empowered by youth and women.

“The idea is to build a new Congress, a generation next Congress and this will be empowered by youth and women,” he said.

“But it does not mean that our senior leaders, senior party workers, senior office bearers, their guidance, their experience is equally important and we have to take them all ahead.

We want to take the party to every Goan,” he said.




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