Goa to make ‘The Kashmir Files’ tax free (Ld)

Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Monday declared that the state government would make screening of Vivek Agnihotri directed, Bollywood film ‘The Kashmir Files’, tax-free.

Sawant, along with his wife Sulakshana, attended a special screening of the film at the Inox multiplex in Panaji, amid allegations made by Hindu groups, that the management of a multi-complex had declared the film’s shows as housefull, despite seats being left vacant in the auditorium located in South Goa.

“Youngsters should know the history of the 1990s in Kashmir when the residents of the state had to face hardships,” Sawant said after coming out of the screening hall.

When asked if the state government would declare the film tax free, Sawant said: “Yes”.

Sawant was accompanied by his wife Sulakshana, other BJP officials as well as several members of the media at the special screening.

“The gripping tale of pain, struggle, suffering of Kashmiri Hindus needs to be understood by everyone so that we ensure such a history is not repeated. I have spoken to the INOX management and the movie will continue to be screened with maximum possible shows,” Sawant had tweeted late on Sunday.

Commenting on the fracas at the Margao branch of the multiplex in South Goa on Sunday, where members of several Hindu groups claimed that they were not able to buy tickets to the film screening despite the hall being half vacant, state BJP general secretary Damodar G. Naik said that the issue was resolved.

“The issue was resolved and the number of the shows increased. Given strict instruction not to repeat mistakes. I will take the appropriate forum to make it Tax-free. Must watch, worth watching for every true Indian,” Naik said.




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