Goa to start ‘Pink Rickshaw’ service for women drivers: CM


The Goa government is all set to start its fleet of women driver-operated auto rickshaws, called the ‘Pink Rickshaw’, in order to open up self-employment avenues for women, Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said on Friday.

Speaking to reporters at his official residence, Sawant also said that the first fleet of the Pink Rickshaw initiative will feature 14 women drivers, adding that the state government had partnered with the Rotary club for the initiative.

“In future, there is one Rotary club project. Just like the Pink Force, there is the Pink Rickshaw project which the Rotary club is undertaking with the help of the Goa government’s EDC (Economic Development Corporation). Seventeen women are being trained,” he said.

While the EDC is a government agency which disburses loans for small and big businesses in the state, the Pink Force which the Chief Minister mentioned, refers to police units aimed at dealing with crimes against women.

“The Pink Rickshaws can be taken on loan via CMRY (Chief Minister’s Rozgar Yojana) and sponsorship via Rotary club, which will also conduct training. Those Pink Rickshaws will also be seen on the streets of Goa,” Sawant said.

“Pink Rickshaws are for self employed women who come forward to drive rickshaws. They will get rickshaws on subsidy via EDC.”



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