Goa: Two senior citizens found murdered in a storeroom

Two persons, both senior citizens were found dead, believed to be murdered, in South Goa’s Fatorda area, police said on Monday.

The bodies of the deceased Minguel Miranda (65) and his mother in-law Caterina Pinto (85) were found in a storeroom of their house, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police Paramadiyta told reporters. The official said that three labourers working at a site nearby were missing, but said that the motive of the crime was still unclear.

“We can’t say right now, whether the motive was robbery or a personal issue. We are investigating all angles. Three labourers (from the area) are missing. They may have had a role or someone else may have had a role,” the official said.

Paramaditya also said that both bodies bear marks of blunt and stab injuries.

“Post-mortem report will make it clear what kind of weapon was used,” he said.