New Delhi, Feb 18 (IANS) Passengers along with crew on-board budget carrier GoAir’s flight from Ahmedabad to Bengaluru were safely deplaned after the aircraft suffered a bird hit which caused a fire in one of the engines.

According to the airline, passengers and crew were safe and the fire was brought under control.

“The passengers and crew on GoAir flight G8 802 from Ahmedabad to Bengaluru have been deplaned safely,” a GoAir spokesperson said.

“An alternate aircraft has been arranged to accommodate the passengers. The revised departure from Ahmedabad is scheduled at 13:30 local time due to Bengaluru runway closure till 1500 hours.”

Furthermore, the airline said that foreign object damage (FOD) has been confirmed due to a bird hit.

“The aircraft is now being inspected by the GoAir engineering team,” the spokesperson said.




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