‘God helps those who wear helmet’, Delhi Police share video to promote safety

The Delhi Police have shared a video on Twitter to make people aware about the need to wear a helmet and how it can save a life.

The 15-second video shows a motorcycle rider was saved not once, but twice by his helmet.

The video has been shared by Delhi Police’s official Twitter account to promote road safety norms.

In the video, the motorcycle rider first falls on the road after swerving to miss a car, but as he was wearing the full-face covering helmet he escapes injuries. He stands up, but just then an electric pole falls on him, this time too he escapes from serious injuries as his helmet saves him.

A number of people die in road accidents for not wearing helmets. Delhi Police have promoted the wearing of helmets many times. This time the Delhi Police have come out with the video message to show the advantages of wearing a helmet.

“God helps those who wear helmet,” reads the quote from the Delhi Police’s official Twitter handle.

This tweet of the Delhi Police has now gone viral.




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