Gold jeweller needs to avoid punishment, warns consumer expert

A gold jeweller needs to avoid punishment or penalties for any unfair trade practice result, a consumer expert warned ahead of festive occasions like Dhanteras and Diwali.

The consumers need to remain aware regarding rules and regulations for purchase of gold jewellery as Diwali and Dhanteras is the real time when due to belief that festival season is an auspicious time to buy jewellery, said Chandigarh-based Ajay Jagga, a former member of the district consumer protection council.

While buying gold, the buyer must ensure that it is hallmarked and authentic bill of purchase is obtained, he said, adding that the bill should have description of each article, net weight of precious metal, purity in carat and fineness, and hallmarking charges need to be mentioned in the bill or invoice of sale of hallmarked precious metal articles.

Warning jewellers against unfair practices, he said as per Section 49 of the BIS Rules, 2018, in case of a precious metal article not conforming to the relevant standards, such compensation to the buyer or customer will be two times the amount of difference calculated on the basis of shortage of purity for the weight of such article sold and the testing charges.




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