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Good news for Liberals, Jagmeet Singh trails in latest poll

Usually, the Conservatives benefit from the NDP by affecting the outcome of dozens of seats which tends to impact the Liberals. But after a recent Angus Reid survey, the Liberals must heave a sigh of relief.

The survey took the pulse of the parties and went on to figure out how the standing of their leaders Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer and Jagmeet Singh within it.

The survey asked potential voters of each party how happy or unhappy they were with the leader’s performance.

Liberal party supporters were among the most likely to say they approve of Trudeau, with 79 per cent saying he is doing a “very good” or “good” job in the position.

Sixty-five per cent of Conservative supporters said the same of Scheer.

But NDPs Jagmeet Singh ranked lowest from the three leaders at 47 per cent. The bulk of potential NDP voters, at 39 per cent, said they are undecided about Singh.

The main problem affecting Singh is that he is a virtual unknown among a large section of the party and its supporters as Singh never played a role in federal politics up until he aspired for NDP leadership.

With just about a year before voters go to the polls, a whopping 46 per cent of potential NDP voters surveyed said they didn’t know enough about Singh to describe his personality and leadership.

When Jagmeet Singh first came into the limelight following his NDP leadership win, he was seen as a threat to Trudeau. Singh was expected to soak up centre and left support.

Now if these voters don’t feel inspired to cast their vote in favor of the NDP, there is a good chance their votes will go the Liberal way.

The Conservatives must be really hoping that Jagmeet Singh gets his act together and win a few seats including his own.

Meanwhile the Conservative base of potential voters is larger than the Liberal and the NDP bases and that could mean the Conservatives could win if both Trudeau and Singh fail to make their respective cases in the months to come.

Thirty-seven per cent of Canadians said they would “never” vote for the Tories, compared to 49 per cent who said they would not vote for the Liberals and 50 per cent who ruled out the NDP.

But things could change literally from week to week as the campaigning begins and voters start to pay more attention to what the respective party leaders have to say. -CINEWS

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Dorf October 19, 2018 at 12:34 pm

Singh has turned out to be a poor leader for the NDP. He is virtually invisible. The NDP are headed for a huge defeat in the next election, maybe wiped out.


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