Google adds memory & energy saving modes to Chrome

Tech giant Google has started to roll out new memory and energy saving modes to its web browser ‘Chrome’ on desktop.

The new settings make sure that Chrome uses up to 10GB less memory so that users’ tabs run smoothly, and extends the battery when it’s running low, the tech giant said.

The company will be rolling out both ‘Memory Saver’ and ‘Energy Saver’ modes over the next several weeks globally for Windows, macOS and ChromeOS.

‘Memory Saver’ mode frees up memory from tabs that users are not using so that the active website they are browsing has the smoothest possible experience.

Whereas, ‘Energy Saver’ mode helps when users are browsing the web with Chrome and their device battery level reaches 20 per cent. It will save battery by restricting background activity and visual effects for websites with animations and videos.

“You’ll be able to turn off either feature or mark your most important websites exempt from Memory Saver. You can find these controls under the three-dot menu in Chrome,” the company said.

Last month, Google had brought out the Material You-style colour-based themes to its Chrome Canary, an experimental version of the tech giant’s browser.




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