Saturday, June 22, 2024

Google brings Gemini AI to developers, organisations globally

Google on Wednesday announced to make its large language model (LLM) Gemini Pro available for developers and enterprises to help them build their own use cases for advanced tasks.

The first version of Gemini Pro is now accessible via the Gemini API. The version comes with a 32K context window for text, and future versions will have a larger context window. It’s free to use right now, within limits, and it will be competitively priced. It supports 38 languages across 180+ countries and territories worldwide.

The company also introduced Google AI Studio, a free, web-based developer tool that enables them to quickly develop prompts and then get an API key to use in their app development.

“You can sign into Google AI Studio with your Google account and take advantage of the free quota, which allows 60 requests per minute — 20x more than other free offerings,” the company said in a statement.

Right now, developers have free access to Gemini Pro and Gemini Pro Vision through Google AI Studio, with up to 60 requests per minute, making it suitable for most app development needs.

Vertex AI (leading enterprise AI platform) developers can try the same models, with the same rate limits, at no cost until general availability early next year, after which there will be a charge per 1,000 characters or per image across Google AI Studio and Vertex AI, said the company.

“Starting today, Gemini is part of a vertically integrated and vertically optimised AI technology stack that consists of several important pieces — all of which have been engineered to work together,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud.

Google Cloud offers leading AI-optimised infrastructure for companies, the same used by Google, to train and serve models.

“We offer this infrastructure to you in our cloud regions as a service, to run in your data centers with Google Distributed Cloud, and on the edge. Our entire AI infrastructure stack was built with systems-level codesign to boost efficiency and productivity across AI training, tuning, and serving,” Kurian informed.

Duet AI is Google’s AI-powered collaborator that provides users with assistance when they use Google Workspace and Google Cloud.

Duet AI in Google Workspace, for example, helps users write, create images, analyze spreadsheets, draft and summarize emails and chat messages, and summarize meetings.

“Early next year, we’ll launch Gemini Ultra, our largest and most capable model for highly complex tasks, after further fine-tuning, safety testing and gathering valuable feedback from partners. We’ll also bring Gemini to more of our developer platforms like Chrome and Firebase,” said Google.



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