Google Docs rolls out code blocks for easier formatting

Tech giant Google has started to roll out a new smart canvas feature in Docs, that allows users to easily format and display code in Docs with code blocks.

Previously, when working in Google Docs, collaborators who wanted to present code had to paste it in the document and then manually apply styles by highlighting syntax, the tech giant said in a Workspace Updates blogpost on Wednesday.

The new feature gives users the ability to visualise code with industry standards, making code readable and collaboration much easier.

This feature does not have admin control.

To format and display code in a Doc, go to Insert > Building blocks > Code blocks > choose the programming language or search @ > Code blocks > choose the programming language.

Meanwhile, last month, the tech giant had rolled out a new Material You toggle design to its Docs, Sheets and Slides.

It is designed like a pill, therefore the Material 3 (M3) switch is larger than the previous one.




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