Google enables Matter on Nest & Android devices

Tech giant Google has announced that it has enabled Matter support on its Nest and Android devices, allowing users to quickly and consistently set up Matter-enabled devices and customise their smart home according to them.

Matter is a new standard for smart home platforms, applications and devices, the tech giant said in a blogpost on Friday.

Everything from smart lighting, thermostats, window shades and door locks will work better together with less time and effort with Matter.

Matter-enabled Google devices can be connected to Matter devices from other brands too, as the tech giant worked alongside 300 companies for nearly three years to make it easier for users to connect smart home devices across hundreds of brands.

Users will need a hub to control their smart devices. If someone wants to control their smart home with Google Home, they will need a Google Home or Nest device that can double as a hub for Matter.

“Matter-enabled devices can connect to your home network over Wi-Fi or Thread– a networking technology that’s helpful when you need a low-power connection,” the company said.

Additionally, the tech giant added Matter support for Fast Pair on Android.

Fast Pair service allows users to quickly connect Matter-enabled devices to their home network, Google Home and other smart home applications.

“We’ve partnered with Samsung to build a smoother Multi-Admin experience, with an enhanced experience coming to you in 2023,” theAcompany said.




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