Google Home to detect your presence via Nest speakers

In a bid to enhance user experience, tech giant Google is bringing an improved presence sensing feature as it has announced that its Google Home can now use Nest speakers to detect users’ presence.

Users can enable presence sensing in the Google Home app for Android and iOS by visiting the Features section in the settings, reports Engadget.

“Improved presence sensing on Nest devices? Yes, please,” the company wrote on the microblogging site Twitter.

“Now, when you opt-in to the feature, your Nest speakers and displays can better detect your presence via voice or touch and automate actions based on whether you’re home or not,” it added.

According to the report, Home’s optional presence sensing feature can now use interactions with Nest speakers and smart displays to help detect activity in your abode, letting it perform automated actions.

If users talk to their Nest Audio or tap Nest Hub, for instance, Google may know to turn the lights on. Second-generation Nest Hubs can also use their Soli radar sensor to tell when users are close, the report said.




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