Google Pixel 7a to feature 90Hz refresh rate, wireless charging

Google’s upcoming Pixel 7a smartphone is set to feature 90Hz refresh rate display and wireless charging.

The device is likely to offer a 90Hz 1080p display, reports Android Authority.

On an A-series smartphone, this refresh rate would be the highest ever. Another first feature is expected to be 5W wireless charging.

Pixel 7a is likely to feature a new camera setup.

The camera sensors are expected to be “l10-wide (IMX787) and l10-UW (IMX712) with no dedicated tele lens,” the report said.

Recently, a report mentioned that the next Pixel 8 smartphone was set to feature a better processor and more RAM than its predecessors.

The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro were expected to pack 12GB of RAM.

The Pro model was likely to offer display resolution of 2822 x 1344 pixels, whereas, Pixel 8 was expected to offer standard 2268 x 1080 resolution.

Both the phones were expected to feature a new Tensor chip ‘G3’.




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