Gopal Rai urges people to follow five-points appeal to reduce pollution

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai on Wednesday urged the citizens in the national capital to follow five points appeal to reduce the rising level of pollution.

Addressing mediapersons here, Gopal Rai said: “Firstly, if you see construction work is underway, send the picture to the Green App. Secondly, use the car or bike pooling. Thirdly, if possible, do work from home. Don’t use the coal and wood for burning. And lastly, RWA should provide heater to the security guards to avoid using wood for heat during the winter,” Gopal Rai said.

The minister also accused the BJP of targeting farmers in Punjab for stubble burning “because of their earlier protests against three contentious farm laws of the Centre”.

The minister urged the BJP to cooperate in fighting pollution as the Delhi government alone could not curb the pollution that wafts from the adjoining NCR region.

“Everybody is asking the same question — why has stubble burning not reduced despite AAP being in power in Delhi and Punjab? Stubble burning has not reduced because the Centre has denied support,” Environment Minister claimed.

“The BJP is blaming farmers for burning stubble because of their protests… They now want FIRs to be filed against them. They should stop abusing farmers, stop seeking revenge from them,” Rai said.




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