GoPro says it plans to expand its camera lineup


US-based action camera manufacturer GoPro is likely planning to expand its camera with two more models alongside its current Hero and Max cameras, in the next year.

According to the CEO and founder Nick Woodman, GoPro wants to offer more specialised cameras, while still using a lot of the same tech, reports The Verge.

Woodman said that the company’s previous model involved making several models of cameras that all appealed to the same types of buyers.

Its new plan is to work on specialised cameras that would “appeal to entirely different groups of users” than the Hero and Max.

GoPro also said that its roadmap includes “new cloud capabilities and an all-new subscription-based desktop application”.

GoPro launched its latest action camera, the Hero 10 Black, with an improved overall performance in India in September for Rs 54,500.



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