Govt asks Kota coaching class operators to ensure stress free environment, a week off

After three students in Rajasthan’s Kota committed suicide, the administration has directed the coaching class operators to form an action plan to ensure that the students live stress free life while availing a week off.

Inspector General of Police G. Prasanna Jeet Khemsara on Tuesday held a meeting with the coaching operators where discussion was done on the compliance of the guidelines issued for coaching institutes. It was also decided to form an action plan to make the students stress free to prevent depression and suicides.

The IG later told the media that the coaching institute operators have been asked to prepare an action plan so that the children can stay stress free and get a decent school-college kind environment in the coaching institutes.

He said that soon the action plan will be made by the coaching directors, which will be implemented. However, what kind of action plan it will be, the IG said that the coaching directors will make the plan and place it before the administration.

In the meeting, the IG instructed all the coaching institutes to follow the guidelines made for coaching. Along with this, instructions have also been given to the police officers to check and ensure from time to time whether the guidelines were being followed or not. In the meeting, he also discussed with the police officers about the way to deal with such cases. There is also a provision for counselling and mentoring of children in the guidelines. Although the coaching institutes claim that this arrangement has been made by all the coaching operators, a lot needs to be done.

In Kota, there was also a discussion about the coaching holiday on Sunday to make the children studying in coaching institutes stress-free. It was discussed that after all, one day’s rest should be given to the children and also the number of children in the classroom should be limited.

At present the situation is such that the children do not get rest on Sundays and the children have tests on Sundays too. Also, 100 to 200 children study in a classroom. It was also discussed that the ranking of the test conducted in the coaching institutes should not be released, but only the numbers of the children should be released.

Lakhs of students visit Kota to prepare for medical and engineering exams. However, the cases of depression among them and suicides have shaken the city.




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