New Delhi, March 3 (IANS) With the threat of COVID-19 looming large, the government has tightened the entry conditions for the nationals of Italy, Iran, South Korea and Japan with immediate effect. As per the revised travel advisory issued on Tuesday by the Union Health Ministry, new travellers from these countries will have to apply for fresh visas.

The revised advisory states, “All regular (sticker) Visas/e-Visa (including the Visa on arrival for Japan and South Korea) granted to nationals of Italy, Iran, South Korea, Japan and issued on or before 03.03.2020 and who have not yet entered India, stand suspended with immediate effect. Those requiring to travel to India due to compelling reasons, may seek fresh visa from nearest Indian Embassy/Consulate.”

The visa restrictions also apply to all foreign nationals, who have travelled to the Peoples Republic of China, Iran, Italy, South Korea and Japan on or after February 1, and who have not yet entered India. Those requiring to travel to India under compelling circumstances may apply for fresh visa to the nearest Indian Embassy/Consulate.

While diplomats, officials of the UN and other International bodies, the OCI cardholders and aircrew from above countries are exempted from such restriction on entry, they will have to undergo a mandatory medical screening.

The passengers of all the international flights entering into India from any port are required to furnish duly filled self declaration form (including personal particulars i.e. phone no. and address in India) and travel history, to Health Officials and Immigration officials at all ports.

Passengers (foreign and Indian) other than those restricted, arriving directly or indirectly from China, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Italy, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan must undergo medical screening at port of entry.

Indian citizens are advised to refrain from travelling to China, Iran, Republic of Korea, Italy and advised to avoid non-essential travel to other COVID-19 affected countries.




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