Govt put weak case to save bungalow of a BJP member: Goa Cong

The Congress in Goa has alleged that the state government has deliberately put a weak case to favour the owner of a controversial bungalow in a protected heritage zone, which — the party claimed — belongs to a “senior BJP member”.

Congress General Secretary Viriato Fernandes was reacting to the order of the High Court of Bombay in Goa quashing the demolition order issued by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) as well as the Town and Country Planning Department on the grounds of not following the process of natural justice.

Fernandes on Thursday addressed a press conference and said that his party will spare no effort in ensuring that the case is highlighted and the illegality is dealt with according to the law of the land and not through subversion of justice in favour of vested interests.

“Fraudulent things have been done to protect this bungalow in the ASI area. This was done with the support of government machinery because this bungalow belongs to a senior member of the BJP. Everyone knows how the government went out of the way to help them construct this bungalow. A weak case in a bid to favour the builder and owner has been put in,” Fernandes alleged.

“The BJP is helping only crony capitalist friends. People across Goa protested against this bungalow and had gone on a chain hunger strike. This government has got exposed and we will fight against it,” Fernandes, pointing out the objection to this bungalow, said.

He said that only a hut existed on the property. “The government has intentionally and knowingly collaborated with the lawbreakers by not following the process of law and helping the accused owners to escape the statutory demolition process that should have been inevitable,” he said.

“After all, the BJP is known for skirting the law regarding its own party members and favoured cronies. This is not about the demolition of an illegal bungalow but a direct challenge to the community of Goans in protecting our heritage,” Viriato said.




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