Jammu, March 4 (IANS) The J&K Police and the Civil Administration have decided to take strict measures against the increasing menace of begging here and and peripheral towns.

The Senior Superintendents of Police have been asked to liaise with the district magistrates to ensure strict action in case of organised/forced begging under section 363-A IPC and section 76 of the Juvenile Care Protection Act 2015.

The move has stemmed from several complaints received by the government.

According to the Jammu District Special Branch, begging takes place near shopping malls and at traffic lights. They (beggars) use pictures of gods and goddesses and seek alms in their names to exploit the religious sentiments of people.

Some incidents of beggars pestering locals have also come to notice.

According to report, the number of beggars varies from season to season and increases during yatra season or during other religious festivals across the city.




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