Govt to form new employment policy to beat Covid blues

The Narendra Modi-led Central government is likely to formulate a new national employment policy to generate jobs that have dwindled due to the Covid-induced crises.

According to sources, the government would collect the necessary data by conducting surveys in order to formulate appropriate policy in every sector. For this, the Labour Bureau of India of the Ministry of Labour and Employment has been involved.

“The Labour Bureau has got responsibility for five types of all-India surveys. The personnel designated for the survey that will go on over a month would be trained and then the field survey will start. The field survey work will be completed in seven months,” Director General (DG) of the Labour Bureau of India, D.P.S. Negi told IANS,

According to Negi, an officer of the rank of Additional Secretary in the Ministry of Labour and Employment, this survey is crucial as on the basis of the survey data, a concrete national employment policy will be prepared.

The survey would try to gather accurate information on the condition of both organised as well as unorganised sector.

During the peak of the Corona-related crisis, the trend of reverse migration from cities (urban areas) to villages (rural areas) was noticed, and the issue of migrant labourers facing an array of difficulties drew the attention of the entire country.

In this context, the government is going to conduct a pan-India survey of migrant workers.

Besides, four different surveys would also be conducted. The Labour Bureau will conduct a survey of the employment generated by domestic workers, professionals and employment generated in the transport sector across the country.

The Bureau is also going to start the All India Quarterly Survey to find the correct scenario of employment in institutions with more than 10 workers and less than 10 workers.

According to the officials of the Labour Ministry, this quarterly survey will provide accurate information about the number of jobs in the unorganized sector. According to the officials of the ministry, information and technology will be used in the survey.