Grandparent’s scam hits Brampton and Mississauga

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Besides reminding seniors in Mississauga and Peel to take their medication and maintain mental and physical hygiene, seniors are now being warned of a new scam designed to take advantage of their vulnerable minds.

There is a new twist to the old “Grandparent Scam” after one Peel senior was bilked out of $40,000 and an attempt was made to scam a second, say Peel Regional Police.

Police say the latest version of the telephone fraud has seniors being urged to buy expensive Rolex watches by a man claiming to be their grandson.

Fraud bureau investigators are warning seniors and asking anyone with an elderly family member to alert them about this ongoing scam.

The recipient of the call is asked to buy an expensive Rolex watch either to pay back the grandson’s outstanding debts or to give as a gift, say police.

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The victims are told to send the watch via courier, usually to an address somewhere in Quebec.

The victims are also urged by the con artist to avoid telling any other family members about the purchase.

In some cases, the phone call has been followed up by a call from someone claiming to be a lawyer or a police officer, say police, who warn that lawyers and police officers would never call someone and ask for money or jewelry.

This sort of scam can easily be pulled off on so many seniors living in our midst who are quite often bored out of their minds, willing and even eager to engage in phone conversation with call centre employees offering duct cleaning. Unfortunately, some young scam artistes have seen an opportunity and view seniors as sitting ducks.

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Information about current frauds to be aware of is available – CINEWS

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