Guard coach of goods train derails, overturns in Gurugram

A guard coach of goods train derailed and overturned near Gurugram railway station due to vibration of the passing Shatabdi Express on Monday.

According to officials, vehicles were being loaded from Maruti’s yard near Gurugram railway station at around 1.48 a.m.

During this, the guard had parked a train coach or wagon car on the loop track. Stones were also placed under the tyres of the train to prevent it from moving forward.

Meanwhile, the Shatabdi Express passed from the adjacent track, and due to the vibrations, the stones under the tyres shifted and the wagon car moved ahead.

According to the railway staff, the train coach collided with another wagon car parked at the crossing and overturned.

As soon as the information was received, officials and employees reached the spot and started the exercise of straightening the Railways coach on the track.

It was the guard coach behind the wagon car, however, no one was inside the coach. There has been no loss of life in this incident. The matter is being investigated by the Railways.




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