If you already received a COVID-19 vaccine, you may be wondering if you can gather with your loved ones and return to your “normal” routines. York Region shared some important guidelines to help keep you and everyone around you safe.

Although the vaccine is a huge step towards the end of the pandemic, we must continue to follow all public health guidelines even after receiving a vaccination, the Region said.

Additionally, although the vaccine is very effective at preventing infection or serious illness, there is still a chance you can contract COVID-19, and it is currently unknown if you can transmit the virus after being immunized.

As we learn more about the protection provided by the vaccines and as more people are vaccinated, public health advice may change; however, until then we must continue to follow all public health precautions in order to keep each other safe, including:

  • Staying home as much as possible and limiting close contact with those outside our household
  • Practicing physical distancing of at least 2-metres with those outside our household
  • Wearing a face mask or covering when inside public places and when physical distancing cannot be maintained
  • Washing or sanitizing your hands thoroughly and often
  • Practicing respiratory etiquette
  • Self-isolation guidelines also still apply for those who have travelled or been in close contact with a positive case. Canadians returning from travel must strictly adhere to self-isolation requirements and anyone who has travelled or been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19 must follow quarantine guidelines.


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