Guinness World Record: Preeti Maske is first woman to cycle 430 kms in 55 hours

Preeti Maske, is a feisty 45-year-old who recently set a Guinness World Record for covering 430 km in her solo cycle ride all the way from Leh to Manali through the world’s highest motorable road. She completed her journey in 55 hours and 12 minutes, which makes her the first woman ever to do so.

As reported by, when she was asked how she managed to do it, she simply said, “It just happened.”

When she was asked how she was planning to celebrate her achievement, she said for now she is “planning the next ultra cycling expedition”.

The news about her winning the Guinness World Records was shared via tweets by the BRO (Border Roads Organisation) who wrote that Maske met all the requirements when she completed her journey which she took at a huge elevation of 8,000 metres.

The tweet from the BRO read, “Congratulations Ms Preeti Maske- It’s a Guinness Record. 55 hours and 13 minutes, is all she needed to cycle from Leh to Manali, approx. 430 km. The ultra cycling effort in high altitude terrain with reduced oxygen availability speaks volumes of her tenacity and determination.”

Here is the tweet:

The video in the tweet chronicled her journey and it also shows how she navigated terrain as well as snowfall during her record-breaking cycling expedition.

Preeti Maske also took to her Instagram handle, where she dedicated her win to the BRO and said, “Terrain was challenging with elevation and constantly changing weather. BRO team was with me for almost everything.”

This isn’t the only record Maske holds. She also has the record for completing the Golden Quadrilateral route, which is: Pune-Bengaluru-Chennai-Kolkata-Delhi-Rajasthan-Mumbai and finally ending back at Pune within 24 days and 6 hours.

Speaking about her nutrition and diet Maske said, “I ate locally as much as possible. Even as a vegetarian, I could procure enough to keep me going. Also, my endurance run trainings helped me acclimatise fast and kept me going.”

Her feat is all the more admirable when you learn that she rediscovered her love for cycling at 40. The mother-of-two, who lives in Pune said, “Ï started cycling after 20 years, at the age of 40. I met with so many accidents but the zeal to do something unique every day is what kept me going.”

She recalled another cycling expedition of hers and said, “I recently participated in another high-altitude women’s cycling expedition — Tour-de-Kailash in Uttarakhand — for which I cycled at 3,400 meters on the Indo-China-Nepal border.”

Her next cycling adventure, she hopes will be the East-West corridor of India, i.e., Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat, which she herself admits will be difficult but definitely possible”. She adds, “My motto is women empowerment and to prove that every woman can do anything if they put their heart and mind to it.”



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