Guj AAP leader accuses state BJP chief of threatening party worker

Gopal Italia, the President of Aam Aadmi Party’s Gujarat unit, on Tuesday accused state BJP President C.R. Patil of threatening an AAP leader.

Addressing a press conference, Italia said that the AAP is promoting the free electricity movement in a big way in the state by putting up hoardings, banners and posters across Gujarat.

“The free electricity movement is a success which can be gauged from the fact that our activists and leaders are being detained on C.R. Patil’s orders. While cases are being filed against us and the hoardings and banners are being taken down, Patil crossed all boundaries a few days ago,” Italia said.

“In Limbayat, our activist Pankaj Tahir had put up posters and banners supporting the free electricity movement. Disturbed by the public support for the movement in Limbayat, Patil threatened Tahir by calling him and saying ‘You have got so much courage that you are now promoting the Aam Aadmi Party. I will see who saves you now’,” the AAP leader said.

Italia also said that an FIR will be filed against Pati on this count.

“The call was received from the same number given in Patil’s election affidavit,” he said.

Tahir was with the BJP before joining the Aam Aadmi Party, which might not have gone down well with Patil, sources said.

Tahir was also present at the press conference.




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