Gandhinagar, April 23 (IANS) The Gujarat government on Thursday decided to issue allow export-oriented companies within the city limits who have export orders, to commence their businesses from April 25.

Informing the media, Ashwani Kumar, Secretary in the Chief Minister Office (CMO) said: “After issuing relaxations for the commercial and industrial units’ activities in the areas outside cities to be resumed from April 20, the Gujarat Government now has decided to extend this relaxation in the city areas as well for the export oriented companies in the state.”

“From the 25th this month, the commercial activities of such export oriented companies inside the city areas but outside the Hotspots and Containment clusters, can be resumed provided they have orders for export.

“For this, the companies need to file an application to resume their works to the District Collectors. Also these companies will have to follow all the guidelines regarding the Covid-19 lockdown,” he added.

The companies will have to ensure that none of its employees residing in hotspots/ containment areas come to the workplace. The units will also have to provide accommodation facilities for its workers and if not, then provide transportation facilities while maintaining social distancing.

The employers will also have to ensure a 12 hours shift and pay more wages proportionately. The female staff will only be allowed to work between 7 am and 6 pm.

On violation of these conditions by the industrial and commercial units, the relaxation will be withdrawn and the units closed down.

Earlier a week ago, the Gujarat government had issued relaxations to commence commercial and industrial activities, which were outside the urban areas of the state. This was done following the relaxation guidelines issued by the central government which was made effective from April 20.




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