Guj Cong leader Solanki to take breather from active politics

Former Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) president Bharatsinh Solanki has decided to take a short break from active politics.

Though he is yet to decide on the duration of the break, possibility of the former Union Minister of State resuming work before the issuance of notification for the state Assembly elections cannot be ruled out.

The announcement comes against the backdrop of allegations of his extra marital affairs. Three days ago, a video clip was in circulation on social media showing Solanki’s wife Reshma raiding his house and catching him with a young girl. Since the last few months, there has been a slugfest between the couple in public about their personal life.

Solanki, while announcing the break, clarified that he will continue to work for society, tribals, Dalits, OBC, Thakors and other communities.

In other words, he will not be using the party platform, but will engage in social service.

His action will make things tough for his political opponent within and outside the party.

Referring to his opponents without taking names, Solanki said for the past seven to eight months, repeated attempts are being made to tarnish his public image, as they find him “challenging and politically powerful, who can change the political trend and win people’s hearts.

Returning to his personal life, Reshma happens to be his second wife whom he married after divorcing the first wife, but since the last 12 to 15 years, they are having a troubled marriage.

He also suspects that his second wife is acting on behalf of his political opponent. Solanki has expressed doubts that his political strategies are leaked to opponents and so he cited one piece of advice, “If family secrets are leaked to outsiders, it is not advisable to live under the same roof or house.”

The Congress leader has moved a divorce petition before the Anand family court and the first hearing on the petition is scheduled on June 15. He is expected to produce evidence against his wife before the court. He has alleged that his second wife is more interested in his movable and immovable property.

Solanki is ready for a third marriage, once he gets divorce from his second wife. He questioned if would be wrong to marry a third time after divorcing the first two wives.




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